Hey everybody! 

I’ve finally decided to open up my commissions, and to celebrate, I’m also doing a raffle for some free art!

The price is 1mil bells/ $8 per character. There isn’t a set number of slots at the moment, it’s all based on demand. Please submit the following form;




and be sure to tell me who/what you want me to draw! If you have any special requests like certain poses, facial expression, or items, then put that in there too!

To join in with the raffle, please reblog up to three times maximum! I will choose the winner at midnight GMT on the 30th of April. Get reblogging! (/^ O^)/ 




"…That night, I decided I Hated You."

my 3ds battery is starting to die faster than usual. 

hang in there lil guy you’re barely a year old. i know i’ve used it every day since june but dang come on. 

i wanna work for the Prada equivalent of acnl qrs 


why you gotta play me like that

"Today is none other than Nature Day!"

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I made something spring-ish and fun for my villagers to wear~


Bones, one of my favorite villagers, doing one of my favorite things to do in AC: bug hunting! I’m very happy with this doodle. :3


I was working on this room when I realized

I dont have a WateringTrough in my catalog!

I can’t complete this room without it! I’d be very grateful if I could catalog one from someone!